Growth Path

Growth Path Steps

At Landing Place Church, we want to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. He modeled specific behaviors for us to follow. Here is a brief description of each of the areas on which we focus our time and energy.

God Time

God Time is the daily flow of communication between us and God. Meaningful relationships thrive when we are heard by and listen to those we love, making God Time a personal experience with a personal God.

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Group Time

Group Time enables us to build valuable connections with one another. Relationships are fueled by shared experiences and the opportunity to know and be known by a trusted group of friends.

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Gather Time

Gather Time is like a family reunion. When we seek God corporately, we experience His presence in a way that goes beyond our personal circumstances.

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Generosity Time

Generosity Time recognizes that God provides us with all we have and has paid the highest price for our benefit. We respond to this manifestation of love by sharing our resources to support God’s work.

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Go Time

Go Time takes initiative to serve others as Jesus did. We look for opportunities to act on benefiting others over ourselves, both inside and outside the faith community.

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