We've created Sunday morning environments to engage your whole family:


Newborns through 18 months

The Infants nursery is a calm, safe, and loving environment. We label bottles, change diapers when needed, and can even adjust the lighting to create a peaceful atmosphere for your babies to enjoy while you attend service.


18 months through 3 years old

Here kids learn that God made them and they are wonderful! We play together, worship, and watch a bible story every Sunday.



4 years old through Kindergarten

In our Pre-K room kids learn that God wants to be their best friend forever. We play together, worship, and learn how following Jesus changes our lives. There are large group and small group activities each week!


1st – 4th Grade

Our Elementary room is the perfect place for kids to learn who Jesus is and what it means for follow Him through play, worship, and small groups.

SUMMER JAM Pre-K and Toddlers

Pre-K and Toddler Worship Songs

Worship is an amazing summer pass time. All you have to do is press play and enjoy leading your kids to Jesus who transforms lives.

We love being on your team. Have fun!

Pre-K and Toddler Bible Stories

Play one of these videos before you do its activity in your Summer Jam Pack. OR pop some popcorn and have an easy but meaningful 10 minutes discovering a bible story with you kiddo.


Kick your feet up!

SUMMER JAM Elementary

1st-4th Grade Worship Songs

Worship is a key aspect of spiritual growth. AND IT’S FUN to be thankful and sing that God is good! If your kids don’t get to see you worship, this summer is the perfect time to change that. Start with songs they will hear at church! Here’s some ideas to inspire your summer:

  • Spend 20 minutes trying to learn one of these dances together
  • Pick one song to be the theme song of the month and see who can learn the lyrics first
  • Schedule one or two Worship Nights at home where you share one thing that’s amazing about God and sing these songs together
1st-4th Grade Bible Stories

Play the bible story before you do that activity in your Summer Jam Pack. OR if you don’t have a Summer Jam Pack just grab a snack, press play, and spend 10 minutes exploring the bible story together.

For Parents

You are the biggest influence in leading your kids to Jesus and we are here to help! Feel confident equipped with some of our favorite resources, new every month!

The Tough Topics

Here are some resources to help you parent through the tough topics at every age!

Parenting Resources

KidzLink Online Experience!

Support Anderson!

KidzLink Kids - Your tithe supports our Compassion sponsor child in El Salvador! (Our other sponsor child, Stefany, has moved out of the area so we can no longer sponsor her.) You can drop off your coins in the Generosity Time coin collector when you come in on Sunday morning. We are proud of you for living generously!


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