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Survival Guide

In addition to our sermon series we will provide daily supplemental content with a theme each day to provide more ideas and tools to use to help us survive better in 2021. The content will focus on the pressure points we all experience, areas like relationships, mental health, finances, and spiritual growth. This begins on Monday January 11.

Survival Guide

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Jesus describes that we are asked to set aside times to pray and fast (Matthew 6:6-13; 16-18). These are times to sacrifice something, often food, to focus on connecting with God in Bible reading, prayer, and reflection. The goal of prayer and fasting is to allow our natural human desires, such as hunger, to not control us, and to allow God’s Holy Spirit to provide strength and comfort to us. We are asking everyone to sacrifice something (food, social media, alcohol, TV) and replace that time with focused time with God over the next 21 days. Starting January 11.

Go Time

"Serve one another in love" Galatians 5:13 Are you looking for an opportunity to serve? Click the link to sign up to join one of our serving teams.

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