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Get in a Group!

Groups enable us to build valuable connections with one another. Relationships are fueled by shared experiences and the opportunity to know and be known by a trusted group of friends!

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Financial Peace University

The ultimate goal of FPU is outrageous generosity by getting your family to financial peace.

The Course: Financial Peace University is a 9 week course that takes you through Dave Ramsey’s proven steps including eliminating debt, budgeting, saving, retirement, and college savings.

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New Class: Origins

Curious about the church's journey from Jesus' call to 'make disciples' to today? Starting Tuesday September 26th at 6pm, join our 7-week exploration of Church History from the 1st century to the Middle Ages. Using Bruce Shelley's 'Church History in Plain Language,' we'll delve into the origins of traditions, denominations, and God's work in the church after the Apostles. Discover the highs and lows of this journey in an engaging and thought-provoking class!