The Survival Guide

The Survival Guide

In addition to our sermon series we will provide daily supplemental content with a theme each day to provide more ideas and tools to use to help us survive better in 2021. The content will focus on the pressure points we all experience, areas like relationships, mental health, finances, and spiritual growth.

Mental Health Monday's

Mental Health is something we are all struggling with currently. We will provide ideas and resources we can use to improve our mental health in 2021.

Mental Health Guide
Relationship Tuesday's

Relationships matter to all of us. We want to help provide ideas and resources we can use to have the best possible relationships in 2021.

Relationship Guide
Worship Wednesday's

We were made to worship. There are many expressions of worship, each week we will provide ways to engage in worship.

Worship Guide
Parenting Resources Thursday's

Parenting is not easy for anyone. We want to provide support and resources to parents to be better parents in 2021.

Parenting Guide
Financial Friday's

We all have been impacted with finances in 2020. We want to provide some ideas and ways we can improve our finances in 2021.

Financial Guide
Sabbath Saturday's

God told us to rest or Sabbath on the seventh day. Here are some ways you and your family can connect with God together while you rest.

Sabbath Guide

Sunday Experience

Join us for our weekend experience on our website, FB or YouTube.

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